Who is Mama Zuria

A mysterious woman psychic medium doctor

Mama Zuria possesses psychic divined powers which are mystical. She can foretell problems, perform a reading, predicts the existence of any situation to happen for the future and a present. If you visit her shrine, you will get wondering where a human being like her exists in this world because of her wonderful performance in the world of spirits and her interaction with the spirits of the dead.

What makes Mama Zuria unique!

She was born on 1st-January- 1971. She was born with the fate of a psychic divine energy powers. She began to speak at age of 10 months and she began to walk at age of 1year which is quit amazing. Her father was a chief traditional healer for the king.  Her mother was great herbalist medicine woman for the same king. Unfortunately both parents died while she was still young until she became mature enough to inherit the black magic work of the psychic doctoring from her parents which has contributed so much to the communities.

Since then, she has been able to assist heal and solve various problems for people around the world. She has managed to write a lot of books which reads about psychic powers, divine energy, holistic healing , herbal medicine, and many more activities she engages.

What the psychic doctor Mama Zuria do?

Consults, offers guidance, performs psychic healing in personal life, initiate between humans and the dead's spirits to channel in the issues of healing & solve other human natural caused problems.

The psychic medium-ship is the practice of purportedly mediating communication between spirits of the dead people and living human beings. Practitioners are known as "psychic mediums, psychic doctors, psychic healers, spiritual healers, spiritual doctor" There are different types of medium-ship, including spirit channeling and divine energy.

The human living has been fascinated with contacting the dead since the beginning of human existence. Many of them combine healing with local herbal medicine or charms with psychic spirits while others use divine predictions to foretelling what they call revealing the problems of the person.

In Africa psychic doctors are not so common, but, you find many are calling themselves traditional healers, Native doctor, Native healers, spiritual healers, spell casters, Herbalist healers, and so many have even inherited the work of physic professionals. However most of them are focusing on work for earning a living according to the way they have hijacked this industry to turn it into a minor business for just making them quick cash.

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