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Ritual healing process
Short Business Description: Dr Lubaale spiritual healers believe that the therapeutic effect results from the channeling of healing “energy” from an assumed source via the healer to the patient. We are committed to serve the people by assisting everybody to provide adequate spiritual healing services to solve all the problems.
Long Business Description:

We can help regardless of whatever issues you are facing and or help you overcome whatever type of suffering you're experiencing day and night.

We do counselling, Interpret dreams, Remove witchcraft, Remove curses, Cure diseases, Perform miracle healing, Cleansing misfortune, Gives luck for getting real money, Re-unite with separated lovers, Cast money spells, Love spells, Boost businesses, Win lotteries, A promotion at work, Clear debts, Boost sales, Make dreams come true, Women & men attraction, Do penis enlargement, Fortune reading.

Attract a new lover, Remove bewitchment & bad luck, Communicate with the dead, Make someone fall in love with you, Draw a ex-lover, Make your lover commit, Increase your wisdom & intelligence, Get revenge, Finding a lost item, Have more money, Find happiness, Heal an addiction, Know the future, Make more money, Protection against physical violence, Increase your personal wealth, Achieve your career goals, Infertility & sexual problems, Find money for your education, Dealing with grief, Get out of debt, Make yourself more attractive, Family peace & good fortune, You need a trusted advisor, Good health, Counteract negative forces, Help making difficult decision, Cleansing ceremonies, Win a court case, Attract friends, Extend your life, Attract positive energies & good luck, Achieve your dreams, Know someone’s deepest secrets, Find a stable job, Birth & death rituals, Reverse curses & hexes, Be in a Loving Relationship, Protection from your enemies, Understand the past, Get a emergency loan, Heal mental disorders, Win the lottery and many more.

Use the following contacts:

Tel: +2783261944

Business Website Address: Contact Dr Lubaale Now
Business Phone Number: +27783261944
Business Address: 110 voortreker rd
ZIP Code: 7460
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

I am blessed to offer my healing and energy work from the foot of Table Mountain, between 2 great oceans of water. I act as a channel to connect you with the world of consciousness, that which is unseen yet constantly available to us for information and guidance. I offer this in order to bring about healing, spiritual growth and to create a place for understanding your life lessons and increasing your awareness of self. Africa is my land, the place where my Spirit connects deeply to mother earth.

Business Phone Number: +27783261944
Business Fax: 0866841466
Business Address: 100 voortrekker road, Good wood, Cape Town, South Africa
ZIP Code: 7460
The powerful traditional healer in South Africa
Business Genre:
Long Business Description:

Please get in touch
​If you have any questions about Love, Money, curse, protection, bad luck, divorce, court cases, or about me please call or email me.  I really want you to feel comfortable before moving forward with any spells, or other services.
Phone or Whats app +27710912314
lost love spells
love spells
Financial problems
Psychic readings
Marriage issues
Job & work issues
Court cases
Divorce cases
Sangoma/Traditional healing
Pass exams & Job interviews
And many more

Business Phone Number: +27832232712
Business Address: 100 voortrekker road, Cape town
ZIP Code: 7460
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